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AC Installation & Repair

3 Qualities To Look For When Hiring Residential HVAC Contractors

AC installation and repair aren't fun tasks, but they are necessary to keep your home cool and comfortable throughout the heat of summer. But you don't want to just let anyone inside your home to perform AC installation and repair.

There are a lot of fly-by-night individuals who claim to be professional HVAC contractors but who don't have a lot of experience, credentials, or satisfied previous clients. The best way to avoid bad actors in this industry is to know what to look for when hiring residential HVAC contractors. Hire someone you can trust by checking for the following three key qualities in residential HVAC contractors before you hire someone for your home's AC installation and repair:

  1. Licensed & NATE Certified: Reputable HVAC contractors will always have their licensing paperwork, proof of insurance and bonding, and certifications at the ready for clients. For the absolute best in the industry, choose residential HVAC contractors who require all technicians within the company to have NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certification.

  2. Solid Reputation: Do you really want to be the first client of an AC installation and repair company? Probably not. It is much better to go where the reputation is. Ask prospective residential HVAC contractors for previous reviews and testimonials regarding their work. Ideally, you should find reviews regarding the very same work or AC equipment you have or want to have installed.

  1. Fair Pricing With Free In - Home Estimates: Homes are different, they have different layouts and different heating and cooling needs. No reputable residential HVAC contractors will give you hard estimates over the phone. You should always get an in-home estimate for free. Then, once you get a rate, that rate should be fair, not cheap and not expensive, but competitive and fair.

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