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Indoor Air Quality Installation

How Indoor Air Quality HVAC Equipment Improves Air Environment

Most people in America spend around 90 to 95% of their day indoors, only going outside to reach their vehicle or another form of transportation. The rest of our time is spent inside a home or commercial building. When we spend so much of our day and night indoors, it becomes increasingly important to ensure we are breathing quality air. One must ensure they have a premier indoor air quality installation along with their HVAC unit.

The good news is that most indoor air quality HVAC units include all the facets you need to ensure you are breathing in clean and sanitized air. Just take a look at the following ways your indoor air quality HVAC equipment is constantly improving the air environment around you:

  • Stopping Pests In Their Tracks: Central air conditioners feature air filters and ductwork that ensure insects stay out of your indoor air environment.

  • Remove Odors & Air Pollutants: Good HVAC machines include as part of their indoor air quality installation a filtration system capable of removing odors and allergens as well as insects and larger debris.

  • Regulates Indoor Humidity:  HVAC systems also help improve indoor air quality and the overall environment by removing a lot of excess moisture in the air. Excessive humidity often makes us feel sweaty and uncomfortable, but it also has a secondary negative effect of creating an environment hospitable to mold, mildew, and bacteria. All three of these things off-gas and send out spores that pollute the indoor air quality.

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