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Commercial AC Installation

Protect Your Employees With An Air Purification System Installation

Before you decide on a new commercial AC installation, make sure to ask your HVAC contractor about adding in an air purification system installation. Adding an air purifier to your commercial AC installation is more important than ever as we all get back to work following the coronavirus pandemic.

A standard air purification system installation is designed to deliver ionized air molecules. These specially charged molecules attach themselves to the most common airborne pollutants, including airborne viruses, and destroy them. This can go a long way in protecting your employees every day from both dust and airborne pollutants that irritate the lungs as well as airborne germs that can cause sicknesses.

For the very best effects, however, you don't want to stop with an air purification system installation. Ask your commercial AC installation contractor about the following other ways to improve your building's interior environment:

  • Add A UV Light Air Purifier: A UV light is an addition you can make to most air purification systems. Here, a special lighting array is added within the ductwork or at the evaporator to further destroy pathogens and stop microbiological growth in its tracks.

  • Upgrade To A More Efficient Air Filter: Ask your HVAC contractor about the highest Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) air filter you can use with your equipment and swap to it. Higher value MERV ratings equate to fewer undesired particles getting through the ductwork and entering the general air environment.

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